The requirement was for the creation of an image for a "hybrid" between a graphic adventure game and a "hidden object" game, targeting a female population. I chose an Art Nouveau aesthetic as a base that would allow organic forms and lines giving the fictional world more flexibility and subtlety.

To maintain continuity with Dream 1 y kept the style and increased the dose of fantasy enriching the shapes and backdrops where the adventure takes place.

Continuation of the saga. The script of this story unfolds in areas with very diverse landscapes which allowed me more freedom with the ideas and the final designs.

1st chapter of the Second Trilogy. The chapter's theme is "Air." The locations are explored in an airship. We kept the idea of traveling through different environments to be able to experiment more with the design. I basically picked up the essence of the first game.

2nd chapter of the Second Trilogy. This chapter's theme is "Water." I expressed this with the style, shapes and lines. We showed the passing of time by keeping locations for the previous chapter and adding new ones.

The purpose here was to take the real Disney attraction and turn it into a casual game with simple access. The graphics needed to run in a Web browser with low polygon count. We needed to build different levels with very few assets.