Dream Chronicles Saga Art Direction

Making Of / 15 March 2023

Dream Chronicles

In 2007 I was in charge of the art direction of the first game of the Dream Chronicles saga. During this task I had to make many conceptualization pieces and some final art. The idea was to create a magical world that gave us freedom to define the visual aspect and to create different types of puzzles. The main target audience was women between 35 and 60 years old. It would be a "casual" game, a "point&click" adventure, downloadable on windows and Osx platforms, so it would have to occupy very little space (13mb)The first step was to define the Logo of the game. I made several tests playing with organic shapes and with the female figure. Finally all the options were discarded and the definitive logo was defined from the publisherFirst logo line scketches ideasThe next step was to define the architecture of the village where part of the beginning of the story took place. I worked on several ideas for different houses and buildings

I created a LowPoly new version in 2018 of the tiny house concept in ZBrush, 3Dmax and MarmosetMore village ideasColor concept of one of the exterior scenes of the gameConcept color ideas for different decorative elements in buildings and in the village streetMore ideas for interior elements such as doors, windows and other objectsColor concept of an interior sceneI had to create the first two scenes as a reference point for the production of the rest of the scenesColor concepts of the exterior and interior of the tree houseColor concepts of some decorative elements of the gameColor concept of Lillith´s characterI had sculpted the HiPoly of Lillith's costume in ZBrushLine sketch and final artwork of the game menuScreenshot of the final game menuUi game screenshot Some images of the travel diary where the story was told level by level and where treasures found throughout the game were accumulatedSome game screenshots

Dream Chronicles2:The eternal maze

The second game of the saga was in 2008. For this release I changed the color palette to makeup a best identity of each game Some ideas to update the logo to the second chapter of the sagaGame menu screenshotUi game screenshotSketches of gramophone with carnivorous plant appearanceColor sketch of the first scene of the gameColor concept of the a one exterior scene of the gameGame diary rendersSketches of the Meerows CottageSketches of interior Meerows Cottage Tower line sketchesColor concept of tower libraryIngame screenshot of tower library floorColor concept of the tower musical organIngame screenshot of tower musical organColor concept of the magic tree interiorColor concept of the magic tree exteriorMechanic door sistem sketches to the magic tree entrance

Dream Chronicles:The Chosen Child

The third game of the first trilogy. Published in 2009. With the need for more graphics and effects each game has been growing in Megabytes.Game menu screenshotGame diary screenshotLine sketches of tree house interiorsGame screenshots inside the tree housesRendering of the exterior of the tree houses by the 3D Art TeamLigth proyector machine color conceptNexus panel detail and observatory door sketchsIn game puzzle detail screenshotNexus room render by 3D teamObservatory puzzle door render by 3D teamHerbalists House kitchen sketchColor concept of desert placeLine sketches to a gondola lift and puzzle doorNight and day color concepts of the observatorySketch to de underwater corridors Some sketchings to the under water estructuresUnderwater corridor render by 3D teamBig tree city color concept (Not release game scene)

Dream Chronicles2:The Book of Air

This time I´madded a new menu with a loop ui animation elements Game menu screenshot

Intro of the gameLine sketch of airship landing baseAirship line sketch variant
Airship line sketchMore airship line sketchsAirship interior sketchsPromotion image render of the village with airship from 3D teamIn game village screenshotPuzzle box color conceptIn game classroom interior screenshot In game classroom puzzle detail screenshotColor concept of the exterior of Clock maker buildingIn game screenshot for Exterior door of Clock maker building

Sketchs for interior of Clock maker building

Dream Chronicles2:The Book of Water

Was in 2010 and this is the second game of the second trilogy and the last game of the saga because producers decided finish him. Second trilogy was unfinished.Some menu and ui elements sketches

A external village wall render by 3D teamVillage buildings line sketchesLine sketch for puzzle doorSome Faye character sketchesTangle character sketchesAnother character sketchesDesert houses color sketchEgg house color concepts. Houses prepared for flood zones. Capable of floating in waterWater village color sketchColor concepts from art teamGame room rendering by 3D art teamArt shop render by 3D teamRenderings of various scenes by the 3D art team


I think the final art of the games are finished good but not perfect. It's hard to keep all of my original ideas and style to make a solid final art in the whole saga by rest of the artist team in short time. I'm happy to have participated with my proposed art. A lot of many art was keep out of final work. The rest of the art team and the 3D team have done a very good job.